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Wisdom for When You LIKE Someone: 3 Tips


  • Addresses the common experience of developing feelings for someone special.
  • Explores the challenges Christians face when they like someone and want to approach the situation wisely.

Tip 1: Discern Idea vs. Reality

  • Reference: Judges 16:4-6 (The story of Samson and Delilah)
  • Description and Suggestions:
    • Highlights the danger of being misled by feelings and falling for the idea of a person rather than their reality.
    • Encourages self-reflection to understand the true reasons behind one’s attraction.
  • Specific Actions:
    • Evaluate whether your feelings are based on superficial factors (like loneliness or physical appearance) or on the person’s true character.
    • Consider if you are idealizing the person or seeing them as they truly are.
    • Be honest with yourself about the nature of your attraction.

Tip 2: Look for Overlapping Paths

  • Reference: Amos 3:1-3
  • Description and Suggestions:
    • Stresses the importance of aligning life paths and goals, especially in spiritual matters.
    • Advises considering whether a potential partner would support or hinder your life direction and faith journey.
  • Specific Actions:
    • Reflect on your own life goals, career ambitions, and spiritual journey.
    • Assess if the person you like shares similar goals and values.
    • Determine whether the relationship would positively contribute to your mutual growth and God’s plan for your lives.

Tip 3: Grow in Love

  • Reference: Philippians 2:3-4
  • Description and Suggestions:
    • Encourages developing a selfless and caring approach towards the person you like, irrespective of whether the relationship evolves romantically.
    • Suggests using the experience as an opportunity to practice Christian love and service.
  • Specific Actions:
    • Be a genuine friend to the person, valuing their well-being above your romantic interests.
    • Serve and support them in a way that reflects Christ’s love, regardless of the outcome.
    • Embrace the experience as a lesson in love, whether it leads to a relationship or not.


  • Summarizes the three tips: discerning reality from idealization, aligning life paths, and growing in selfless love.
  • Emphasizes the importance of seeking advice from experienced individuals, especially those in long-term marriages.
  • Reminds viewers of the overarching presence of Jesus’ love in the journey of understanding and navigating romantic feelings.

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