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Christian Dating: What To Do


  • The video addresses the importance and complexities of dating for Christians.
  • It acknowledges the desire for love and companionship, balanced with the need for caution and wisdom.

Guideline 1: Set Up Physical Boundaries

  • Reference: Song of Songs 8:4; 1 Thessalonians 4:3; Romans 13:14
  • Description and Suggestions:
    • Emphasizes the importance of not rushing into physical intimacy.
    • Encourages maintaining purity and holiness in the relationship.
    • Advises against putting oneself in situations that might lead to sin.
  • Specific Actions:
    • Establish clear physical boundaries to prevent sexual immorality.
    • Be cautious with physical affection, recognizing its potential to lead to more intimate acts.
    • Each couple should define their own boundaries, such as hugging, hand-holding, or being alone together.

Guideline 2: Check Their Pace

  • Reference: 2 Corinthians 6:14
  • Description and Suggestions:
    • Stresses the need for spiritual compatibility and similar commitment levels in faith.
    • Warns against being unequally yoked with non-Christians or nominal Christians.
  • Specific Actions:
    • Evaluate each other’s commitment to following God and growing in faith.
    • Ensure both partners are moving in a godly direction at a pace comfortable for both.
    • Recognize the potential for imbalance if one partner is more spiritually mature than the other.

Guideline 3: Live Life, Not Fantasy

  • Reference: 2 Timothy 2:3-4
  • Description and Suggestions:
    • Highlights the reality of life’s challenges and the importance of facing them together.
    • Advises against only engaging in “fun” activities and neglecting the realities of daily life.
  • Specific Actions:
    • Incorporate everyday tasks into dating, like cooking, cleaning, or managing finances.
    • Observe how the partner reacts to real-life responsibilities and challenges.
    • Balance enjoyable dates with activities that reveal each other’s character in daily life situations.

Guideline 4: Love God More Than Your Partner

  • Reference: Mark 12:30
  • Description and Suggestions:
    • Emphasizes loving God above all, including the romantic partner.
    • Encourages seeking God’s guidance in the relationship and being open to His leading, even if it means breaking up.
  • Specific Actions:
    • Prioritize prayer and Bible reading to discern God’s will for the relationship.
    • Be willing to follow God’s direction, whether it leads to deepening the relationship or ending it.
    • Ensure that the relationship honors God and aligns with His commandments.


  • Reiterates the importance of these four guidelines in Christian dating.
  • Encourages viewers to remember that God’s love is paramount in any relationship.
  • Reminds viewers to continually seek God’s guidance and wisdom in their dating journey.

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