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Training in Wisdom

Timothy Keller Sermons Podcast by Gospel in Life–Training in Wisdom Introduction Topic: Understanding and Applying God’s Wisdom Scripture Focus: Proverbs 3:1-12, 30:1-4 Key Takeaways: Wisdom transcends moral values, offering guidance in morally permissible choices; essential for navigating life’s complexities. The Nature of Wisdom Definition: Competence in handling life’s complex realities. Distinct from Moral Goodness: Wisdom […]

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Wisdom for When You LIKE Someone: 3 Tips

Introduction: Addresses the common experience of developing feelings for someone special. Explores the challenges Christians face when they like someone and want to approach the situation wisely. Tip 1: Discern Idea vs. Reality Reference: Judges 16:4-6 (The story of Samson and Delilah) Description and Suggestions: Highlights the danger of being misled by feelings and falling

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Core Essentials for a Christian Marriage

Introduction: Emphasizes the gravity of the decision to marry. Acknowledges the high divorce rate and its impact on families. Aims to assist prospective marriages by identifying key essentials for a healthy relationship. Core Essential 1: Physical Attraction Reference: 1 Corinthians 7:3-5 Description and Suggestions: Recognizes the role of physical attraction in fulfilling marital duties of

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Four Biblical Steps to Finding ‘The One’

  Step 1: Create Standards Reference: Biblical Basis: 2 Corinthians 6:14 (“Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers…”) Key Characteristics and Considerations: Belief System The potential partner should be a believer, especially if you are a Christian. Importance of shared values and beliefs for a harmonious relationship. Assessment of Character Evaluate the character of

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写给我的朋友们 认识自己是谁 只有更加认识自己是谁,才能做到舍己 我想要成为爱他人的人,能够把自己奉献给这个世界,让这个世界变得更好。但是一个人对自己是谁没有概念的时候,他又怎么舍得把自己分享给别人呢?谁又配得我的生命呢?我才不!耶稣做了一件事,他为了所有人类的罪,用自己无罪的宝血赎了我们的罪,他的所做所行今天也在对我们说话:我知道我是谁(我是神,我是人),我为你而死,因为我知道你是谁(神创造了我们,在我们未出母腹就认识我) 人无法通过自己认识自己 我也曾经试过心理学和其他人类行为结论来解释自己,比如讨好型人格,比如原生家庭的影响,这些都有practical的意义,但是不全面。这些讨论的结论无非是:我这样做这样想不是因为我,是因为我的过去,是因为我的家庭,是因为我的创伤,是因为遗传,等等。但是纵使刨去这些外在影响,你又是谁呢?假设现在移除掉你所有过去的伤痛和不好的经历,所有原生家庭的影响,你又是谁呢?还是迷茫痛苦,为了自我保护证明自己配得,人们想尽了办法自救。其实每个人都有弱点,是很正常的,你接受自己的缺点吗?如何接受自己的缺点,遮盖起来还是勇于展现?当不知道自己是谁的时候,看看周围人再看看自己,就觉得羞耻所以遮盖自己的不足;当有一个声音告诉你,你所有的优点缺点我都爱,你被造就是这个样子,没有必要遮掩,我恍然大悟,我不认识自己,我并不接受自己,我以为自己是不完美的,确实不完美,但被造就如此,神以为是美的!

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